In-Store Services

OBITCO has true a la carte pricing for a majority of technical services, both in-store and on-site. This removes the fear and anxiety with not knowing your fee ahead of time. Need custom work? No problem! We'll be happy to estimate your total based on work hours needed.

We offer FREE estimates on all in-store work.

Minimum bench fee for service work is $69.

Computer Tune-Up Service


System running slow? We'll tune-up your system to tip-top performance, clearing all internal junk as well as giving your device a full cleaning inside and out!

Hardware/Software Install


New hard drive? Extra memory? New program? Let OBITCO help install these for you properly in a professional manner.

Virus Removal


Virus slowing you down? When a system gets infected with a virus, not only are your files at risk, but so is any other device connected. Let us clear your whole system.

"Hacked" Windows or "Fake" Call In Numbers? Factors into a Tune-Up Service - $129

Simple Data Migration


Up to 32GB of Data Transfer from an existing drive/device to an external device (external device not included with price).

Cellular Backup (Per Device) to USB Drive Option (external device not included with price). - $49

Operating System Recovery


Operating System failing on your device? Need a complete factory reset? We can help with a full recovery with all driver updates needed.

Data Backup/Recovery


Data backup/recovery of a failing drive or accidental deletion of files to an external device (external device not included with price)

Operating System Installation


Need a complete Operating System installed? Upgrading from one Operating System from another? We can handle the whole thing, including drivers and all updates.

Hard Drive Complete Recovery


Hard drive failed? We can help! With our off-site clean room services, we can get your drive rebuilt and data recovered with nearly 98% recovery rates.

All technical service work provided by Service Provider is subject to flat-rate service fees, as listed on the OBITCO website, plus a 3% shop supplies fee. The shop supplies fee covers various consumables and incidental materials used during providing technical services, such as protective items, solvents, cleaners, fluids, rags, and other similar items. Service Provider reserves the right to adjust the shop supplies fee as necessary to cover the cost of these items. Any parts and labor required to service customer devices may be itemized separately on estimates and invoices, upon request. However, the shop supplies fee cannot be precisely itemized due to the nature of the materials and supplies involved. The shop supplies fee is intended to cover the cost and profit margin associated with providing technical services and is not a form of tax or government-imposed fee.

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