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Notary Services
How can OBITCO help me today?
A notary's signature is required on many legal documents, and can be a wise precaution even when notarization is not mandated. 
Our on-site Notary professionals will handle your sensitive documents quickly, accurately and according to legal requirements.
Notary Services

A notary public acts as an impartial third-party witness to not only the signature of a document, but also that all parties who signed a document did so willingly and under their own free will. OBITCO can help when you need notary services for:
  1. Contracts

  2. Legal Documents

  3. Real Estate Documents

  4. School Permission Slips

  5. Medical Release Forms

  6. Car Title Transfers

  7. Power of Attorney

  8. Child ID Kits

  9. Wills / Trusts / Deeds

  10. Affidavits

Our in-store Notary Services run only $4.99 per notarization!

Please call our store first to ensure we have a Notary on site to assist with your needs!
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