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What Services Are Available?
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At OBITCO, we believe that the Fax is still a functional way of transporting data on demand in a secure way.
Did you know that Faxing has been around since May 27th, 1843? And you thought it's only been since the 1980's!

Standard Faxing - $1.49/Page

Standard faxing utilizes a phone-to-phone send/receive process. Data is transmitted over tones and recovered by the fax on the other end.

Virtual Faxing - $0.99/Page

Virtual Faxing is considered next-generation in the faxing world! Utilizing the Internet, we can scan your document and send it to an eFax box or a private e-mail address!

We offer multiple types of in-store faxing options!

There is no limitation to what OBITCO can offer you when your need your faxes sent! We offer both Standard and Virtual (eFax) Faxing options in our store at a great low price that fits your budget!