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eWaste Disposal
How can OBITCO help me today?
At OBITCO, we strive to recycle and reuse every possible piece of your electronics in a manner that allows sustainability.
West Virginia Code §22-15A-22 prohibits covered electronic devices disposal in a solid waste landfill.
Electronic Waste Disposal
When you choose to utilize OBITCO's eWaste recycling services, you’re not only choosing a service that will help protect yourself from improper disposal fees, but also help protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. With all of the waste that goes on in the world today, everyone who is doing their part makes a huge difference!

We accept ALL electronics FREE of charge, including computers, laptops, cellular phones, gaming systems, cartridge based games, VCRs, DVD players, radios, and more, with the exception of the following items:
  • Broken LCD Screens (Laptops & Phones OK!)

  • CRT/Tube Based TVs/Monitors

  • Printers

  • Oversized Items

The above items have a fee of $35.00 per item. These devices contain toxic materials, and need to be processed in a specific way. Oversized items have an additional $50.00 fee.
OBITCO has a clear environmental objective: keep electronic waste out of landfills. 
OBITCO also offers several business services, including IT Asset Disposal, Data Destruction, Secure Chain of Custody, De-Installation Service, Detail Reporting, Asset Remarketing, Asset Consignment Resale and more! Stop in today to discuss how OBITCO can help your business properly dispose of your aged equipment.
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