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What Services Are Available?
How can OBITCO help me today?
At OBITCO, we constantly strive to provide the best services, both in-store and on-site, to our customers.
We're always working to stay ahead of the game with the services that we provide. 
  • New and Refurbished Items

    Electronics In-Store!

    At OBITCO, we carry a general supply of new and refurbished monitors, as well as a whole range of computer parts and accessories, cell phone chargers, and more! Not have what you need? No problem! OBITCO can order from a limitless supply of vendors!

  • Need A Computer?

    OBITCO Refurbished Devices

    At OBITCO, we offer a full line of laptops, desktops and monitors that have been OBITCO Refurbished! These amazing devices can be purchased at a fraction of the original cost and come complete with a 90-day warranty!