Wipe Your System (In-Store) – $79

Whether you’re getting your computer ready to sell, or you just want to completely wipe a hard drive securely, OBITCO has a service that will fit your needs!

Your “Wipe a Hard Drive on a Desktop or Laptop Computer” service includes:

  • Wipe a computer clean of existing data

Our disk sanitation method uses a high security (and slower) seven (7) pass sanitize method, matching the U.S. Department of Defense standards (DOD 5220.22-M). The method first overwrites with 01010101. The second overwrite is performed with 10101010. This cycle is repeated three times. The final overwrite is made using unclassified data (random characters). This method also meets the NAVSO P5239-26, AFSSI-5020 and AR380-19 standards.

*Price listed is only for the services listed above, plus tax where applicable.  Additional fees will apply for any other requested services not listed. 
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