eWaste Recycling (FREE*)

At OBITCO, we offer eWaste Recycling Services for Residential and Business customers!

Still hanging on to that Microsoft Zune… just in case? How about those old Commodore 64 systems collecting dust in your basement? Simply bring in your old and outdated technology, and we’ll break them down to ensure they don’t impact our landfills!

At OBITCO, our object has a clear environmental view: keep electronic waste out of our landfills.

WE ACCEPT ALL ELECTRONICS FOR FREE WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: CRT Monitors/Televisions, Broken LCD/Plasma Panels (core-fee waived on working panels), Printers. These items carry a $35.00 charge for disposal.

NEED A BIT MORE SECURITY? We can help your business with Asset Recovery, including Data Destruction and On-Site Removal! Read more about our IT Asset Disposal Service for Businesses!

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