Nostalgia Overload! – Over 1,000 Windows 3.x Applications Emulated

Someone out there must really love nostalgia! We’ve only recently reported the emulated use of Windows 95 as well as classic MS-DOS viruses, but today allows many of us embark on classics of our childhood (or even our techie-hood). Just released by, over 1,000 Windows 3.x Applications can now be emulated on their website – including even a fresh Windows 3.11 Stock Installation (which used to take darn near close to a day — and now within an emulator can install and boot within a few short minutes)!

Believe it or not, Windows 3.1 is actually still used in some parts of the world — just a few months back, Paris Orly Airport in France admitted its air-traffic control PCs still run on the nearly 24-year old operating system.

Some of the fun features found are here include, the following:

Windows 95 Demo – a simple little interactive guide promoting Windows 95 that was shipped on a promotional floppy disk months prior to the release of Windows 95.

SkiFree – How many kids grew up scared to ever go out skiing and risking facing the abdominal snow monster.

Election ’92 – Considering 2016 is a new election year, it’s kind of fun to play this old comic-style game.  The goal is simply to thwart the other candidates (Bush, Clinton and Perot) from voting by throwing pies in their faces.

Monopoly Deluxe – Yup, the ‘Deluxe’ edition – honestly, we’re not really sure what the difference is between that and the normal edition, but its a lot of fun to sit down and play against multiple A.I. levels in the classic board game.

Risk – Another fantastic board game. Amazingly simplistic in Windows 3.1, yet still lots of fun to play – and also one you can play against multiple A.I. levels.

SimEarth – A very underrated game these days, SimEarth gives you the ability to create a planet and change the atmosphere, temperature and landmasses – then you get to place living creatures and watch them evolve over time.  Think SimCity on a literal universal scale.

WinTrek – Probably the best game on this entire list! This Star Trek (Original Series) game allows you to play as James T. Kirk, captaining the NCC-1701 Enterprise to save Earth from a coming attack. Granted, graphics lacked – even for it’s time – but the gameplay has stood the test of time.

What surprised us most was the sheer amount of ‘Shareware’ that has been ported for emulation on For those not familiar with the term, think of Shareware as either a demo, or a fully functional version full software that you can share among friends.

All in all, this newest addition can keep easily keep you entertained for hours. Take some time to play around and see how life was with computing way back when!

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