Network Support


Let’s face it – the world of networking is completely different these days.  While network cables provide a secure and strong networking connection, many consumers these days have the need to use wireless connections (WiFi) for use in homes and businesses to access network connectivity via tablets, laptops and even cellular phones!  Moving into a WiFi network can be a struggle: What’s the difference between a $99 wireless router and a $299 wireless router?  Is my network secure?  What is a SSID?  There’s a ton of questions – but there is good news – OBITCO can help!

OBITCO offers both wired and wireless network installation services, both helping you fill the needs of your home or business.

New Wired Network Setup

Have a local area connection (LAN) that you need assistance with?  Don’t know what the difference between a router and a switch is?  We can help!  Not only can we assist with purchasing the hardware you need for your exact needs, we can help you with factoring your entire network setup.

New Wireless (WiFi) Network Setup

With our WiFi Setup Service, we can help make your home or business wireless!  This allows you to take laptops and tablets from one room to the next without the need for a network cable.  If applicable, we can even setup your printer to work wirelessly on your new network as well!  We can assist you purchasing the hardware you need for your exact needs, or we can install one you supply!

WiFi Repeating/Extending

Do you have an area of your home or business that you just cannot connect to your WiFi connection?  We can help!  We work with many vendors to help you get exactly what you need!  Our services can help you bridge the connection, so that your SSID (Service Set Identifier) remains the same and becomes a seamless network for the area you’re adding connectivity to.

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