Managed IT Service


Outsource Your IT With Managed IT Service through OBITCO!

Dedicated IT Support & Services for Small and Medium Businesses

Managing your resources is critical to the success of your business. Unfortunately, IT can be finicky, often creating unplanned expenses while also effecting the efficiency of your business whenever your network goes down, a computer fails, or even worse, you suffer significant data loss. That’s where you may benefit to outsourcing your IT needs and utilizing OBITCO’s Managed IT Service!

What is a Managed IT Service?

Simply put, we keep you working.

Instead of being reactive to your technology failures, at OBITCO, we take a proactive approach. We watch multiple aspects of everything that makes up your IT infrastructure (servers, computers, network etc..) and help to prevent the failures before they occur.

How else does this benefit you?

When you utilize OBITCO’s Managed IT Service, everything is handled at a flat-rate fee with no surprise cost.

No matter if we can remote into the system to remedy, or we need to dispatch a technician to your site,  you won’t pay a cent more.  Our Managed IT Services also allow you to purchase upgrade hardware through us, at a discount, and then we’ll install the hardware at no additional out of pocket expense!

Why choose OBITCO?

Most other IT Outsourcing providers incorporate a break/fix design, meaning they benefit whenever your hardware or network fails.

We’re exactly the opposite! We only benefit when you don’t have problems, so it’s our primary goal to keep you up and running! This creates a partnership that allows us to grow together.

How much will it cost for Managed IT Service with OBITCO?

Our managed IT services are scalable to fit your business needs and typically cost less then hiring a full time IT support employee.

We provide free, no obligation assessments in order to determine what would work best for you, in order to maximize your return on investment.  Contact us today for more information!

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