IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)



What is IT Asset Disposal?

IT Asset Disposal, generally referred to as ITAD, is a specialized service that helps businesses dispose of obsolete or unwanted IT equipment in a safe and ecologically responsible manner.  At OBITCO, our ITAD process is designed to help businesses minimize costs with disposal, as well as recouping part of investment losses.

OBITCO is dedicated to helping develop a cost-effective ITAD strategy that goes beyond the basic disposal and recycling needs of retired and surplus assets.  Our ITAD solutions will securely help reduce operational risks, as well as maximize use and value of your retired and surplus assets.  At OBITCO, we can handle the entire process from the beginning to end!

All OBITCO Direct ITAD Services Include:

  • A direct evaluation of your retired and surplus assets

  • Inventory and recycling of obsolete equipment

  • Analysis of reuse of assets

  • Analysis of resale of assets

  • Secure off-site hard drive sanitation and destruction

  • Removal of asset tags and company logos

Data Destruction:

When you dispose of retired, surplus or obsolete systems, you could face the risk of a data leak.  To help prevent this, OBITCO offers two forms of off-site data destruction: disk sanitation and disk destruction.

Our disk sanitation method uses a high security (and slower) seven (7) pass sanitize method, matching the U.S. Department of Defense standards (DOD 5220.22-M). The method first overwrites with 01010101. The second overwrite is performed with 10101010. This cycle is repeated three times. The final overwrite is made using unclassified data (random characters). This method also meets the NAVSO P5239-26, AFSSI-5020 and AR380-19 standards.  Since the hard drive is completely wiped and secured, the drive can be reutilized in many of our return on investment (ROI) services.

Our disk destruction method utilizes the same process as our disk sanitation method to ensure all data is removed, and is then physically destroyed using varied methods.  When using OBITCO’s disk destruction service, we will provide you a destruction certificate that will provide make, model and serial, as well as an image of the destroyed disk drive(s).

Detailed Reporting:

On all asset dispositions handled by OBITCO, we will provide you a detailed report of all asset information.  Our reports will include serial numbers, make and model, asset tag (if applicable), and the assets end disposition (recycled, resold, harvested, etc.).

De-Installation Service:

OBITCO offers a comprehensive and security conscious de-installation service, which can be customer to your needs.  We can provide the expertise to quickly, safely and efficiently remove all of your existing computers, workstations and network equipment with a minimal disruption to you or your business.  If you’re replacing the old assets with new ones, OBITCO can also assist with System Purchases, Hardware as a Service (HaaS), as well as Data Migration to get your business running in minimal time.

Asset Remarketing:

At OBITCO, we take a systematic approach to treat each of your assets on an individual basis.  Our deep knowledge of system platforms and of secondary markets directs your assets to the ideal buyer.

We can work with you on multiple levels of asset remarketing, including straight asset resale, full asset refurbishing, and part harvesting.  Unlike other ITAD vendors, we can also roll your ITAD services fees into a consignment based resale service for your assets with our custom Asset Consignment Resale program.

Asset Consignment Resale:

Are your assets in good working order, and less than four (4) years of age?  You may want to utilize OBITCO’s Asset Consignment Resale ITAD Service, which is our most popular service by far! This one service sets OBITCO apart from other ITAD vendors, and is best suited for small and medium businesses.  This custom plan includes the following services:

  • De-installation Service of standard workstations/non-CRT monitors

  • Pickup and removal of assets

  • Off-site disk sanitation

  • Removal of asset tags and company logos

  • Sale of your assets on consignment

  • Detailed report of all assets, including sale date and margin

This service is available at NO UP-FRONT CHARGE – OBITCO will complete all of the above work to remove your disposable assets in good working order, less than four (4) years of age, sell them and provide you a percentage payment of the finalized sale.

All ITAD fees on this custom plan are rolled into the resale service.  This means that OBITCO does everything, and you and your business pay nothing.  Once your asset(s) sell, you will receive a percentage of the finalized sale price.

Note, additional services such as refurbishment, disk destruction, data migration, etc. can be added to this custom program; however, they will incur additional fees, which must be paid separately.


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