About Us

What is OBITCO?

Pronounced [oh-bit-koh], we are your premier On-site Balanced Information Technology Company. What exactly does this mean? It means we’re changing the game in technical services! OBITCO provides on-site multi-range support for small businesses and residential consumers at a fair, balanced price.

IT (Information Technology) support is found everywhere across the world. You can usually find support companies in big businesses. Of course, often support companies are also run by big businesses. Let’s face it – big businesses have huge overhead, focusing on millions of dollars in upkeep per year. Unfortunately, that means for small businesses and residential users, the cost for support is exceptionally high!

OBITCO’s pricing is simple, balanced, and easy to understand.

When you contact OBITCO for service, we will schedule to come to your site (we also offer pickup and return service). On all requests for service and repair, we charge a simple $29 diagnostic fee. Once we determine the work needed to be completed, we provide you an estimate based on the time expected to complete the work. If you decide to go through with our service, your $29 diagnostic fee is waived – if you decide against it, you simply pay the $29 fee, and we’ll close your ticket.

OBITCO offers a nearly limitless range of services.

Is your system running slow? No problem! Do you need a Wireless Network installed at your home or business? No problem! Do you need software installed or setup? No problem! Need help transferring data from an old system to a new system? No problem! OBITCO is here to help you with any technical service needs you may have! And if it’s hardware or software you need for your service with OBITCO, you can even purchase items directly through us!

OBITCO stands behind their estimates.

When dealing with IT needs, no one could possibly know all of the answers instantly. Sometimes issues may take a bit more research to resolve. Most companies will estimate a time to complete, but when the invoice comes, you’ll find that they charged you more to research of the issue, or for extended completion times. This leads to increased costs, and that dreaded sticker shock! At OBITCO, we only charge you for the time we estimate. Unlike our competition, if we provide you an estimate of 90 minutes of labor, and it ends up taking 2 hours to complete, we’re only going to charge you what we estimated!

OBITCO cares about recycling.

We care! We really do! You purchase a new electronic device, and the old one gets pushed aside. At OBITCO, we’ve seen it all — old electronics hiding in closets and basements, collecting dust in the corner of a room, or even used as a footstool under your desk! We know!

This is usually due to a number of reasons, including concerns of data loss, cost to dispose of the equipment, just not knowing what to do with the equipment, or most commonly is that the equipment no longer works!

At OBITCO, we work with directly with R2/RIOS™ Certified Facilities to ensure no electronics ever end up in the landfill. Just simply open an “Electronics Recycling” ticket on our Support page, and we’ll schedule to pick up your old equipment at no-charge!